About Us

Alabaste began as a dreamy side project, with our first collection a line of scarves that expanded to include beanies and headbands. Our production continued to upscale and in late 2019 I took the plunge, launching it as a full-time business with lounge suits, sweatshirts and cardigans added to our growing stable of heirloom fashion. And so Alabaste Atelier was born [new site launching soon].

With the unexpected onset of our global ‘new normal’ I had to find a way to get creative - for myself and my little luxury brand. A key aspect of this has been to shift towards using the materials that I have available to me. And so, I’ve returned to where I started my first collection back in 2012: Mauritius. While the island renowned for its excellent knitwear has also battled with lockdown measures, they have found innovative ways to keep their industry alive and operational.


The first ALABASTExAFRICA collection will be cashmere (no surprise there, for anyone who’s a friend of Alabaste), alabaste.com We sourced Italian-spun yarn, that has been knitted into 2 Limited Edition styles and the option of over 14 classic and statement shades to choose from. 

You choose.

Based closely on our best-selling made-to-order style - Le Sweatshirt - the new sweater is ready-to-wear. Available with a hand-embroidered iconic South African phrase, your own bespoke lettering or leave it plain. Either way, you’ll have this item for life, as intended.

We want to spread the love one cashmere piece at a time and offer you the very best value and craftsmanship available. These are not throwaway pieces but items to cherish, and so our philosophy is to take care of and hold on to what you adore to wear.